The Patron Armed Forces Initiative, supports current or retired members of the British Armed Forces who continue to defend freedom and our way of life, and who are facing difficulties as a result of their service.

Since 2010, we have raised approximately £5.3m for the Royal Marines Charity.

Our Partnership with The Royal Marines Charity

The Royal Marines are world famous as the UK’s elite amphibious force – it’s a team commissioned to take on some of the most dangerous operations all over the world. The officers endless reach and relentless dedication to maintaining the country’s defences can leave them at risk of suffering both life changing injuries and death, this occurs at a hugely disproportionately rate to their size in the British Armed Forces.

The RMA is the corps own charity and is specifically designed to support our serving personnel, our veteran community and their wider families offering lifelong support. Keith Breslauer is the Vice Patron of the RMA and each year participants from the Patron team volunteer to take part in a range of social activities in partnership with the RMA, both to test the team’s endurance and to better understand the impact that the RMA has on the Marines and their families.

Historically, these activities have included a culminated number of mountaineering expeditions, outdoor adventures and formal events. The money we raise for the RMA is crucial supporting serving Marines, veterans and their families, including those who have suffered life changing injuries.

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ROCK2 Recovery

Rock2Recovery is a not-for-profit company that provides support and coaching for the Armed Forces, Veterans and 999 communities. Patron continues to provide office space, facilities, and support to the RMC at our London office. From June 2022 to October 2023 Patron has hosted 489 sessions, which includes taking on approximately 23 new clients each month from the military and police force.

The support Patron gives and the reception they get is a critical part of R2R's success in helping these very vulnerable people.

ROCK2 Recovery

RMA Dinner

This year, Patron Capital hosed the RMA dinner and raised approximately £1m. Through the course of the evening, guests enjoyed a successful live auction, dinner and inspiring speeches from representatives of the RMA in the spectacular setting of London’s Guildhall.

We are honoured to host such a spectacular event each year for a cause so close the company’s team.

The Commando Challenge

In July 2023, volunteers from Patron Capital took on the Royal Marines Endurance Course and Bottom Field Obstacle Course, successfully raising almost £4,500 for the RMA. We thank the officers and the trainers for their trust and dedication to our team, which was essential to testing their limits and to completing the challenge.

The Commando Challenge

Tough Mudder

In July 2023, a 12-strong team from Patron Capital successfully raised over £6,500 for the RMA as a part of the Charity’s Tough Mudder Challenge, hosted at one of the Marine’s military bases. The day was made up of two parts – an assault course, included as a part of the marine’s training, and a series of endurance challenges in the afternoon.

Tough Mudder

Forces Wives Challenge

Patron Capital sponsors The Forces Wives Challenge, a social enterprise that invites women with partners in the Armed Forces to participate in a multitude of challenges through the year. It aims to build a community for those who feel excluded from society.

This year, 8 Force Wives took the ‘Ride to Freedom Expedition’ - taking on the ‘WWII Freedom Trail’ across the Pyrenees Mountains on horseback, demonstrating the unbelievable power of adventure to overcome physical disability and mental health condition. 

Forces Wives Challenge

Climb to Recovery

In addition, a weekend in the Peak District, organized by Climb 2 Recovery (C2R) taught the Forces Wives Challenge (FWC) climbing courses to aid both physical and mental recovery.

Erez Foundation

Patron Capital donated £10,000 to the Erez Foundation supporting their work helping disabled military veterans and terminally ill children experience the joy of skiing and outdoor adventures.

Other Events

In addition, Patron has sponsored a multitude of activities and events for the RMA through the year including a team of Royal Marines, who took part in over 25 marathons across the UK in September and October in 2022.

The Veteran Games and Conference

We are a founding sponsor of The Veteran Games and Conference, which unites more than 300 UK and Israeli wounded military veterans and their families for five days of sporting competition, discussion, and social and cultural activities.  

The Veteran Games and Conference

We look forward to our continued Partnership with the RMA and the adventures to come in 2024.