The Patron Charitable Initiatives were established in 2010 to bring together charitable work ongoing in the Patron business and the philanthropic interests of the Breslauer family, with the following visions:

  • Create positive change.
  • Provide support where life prospects are impaired and empower individuals whose life prospects have become impaired to achieve their potential
  • Reach out to break down barriers and promote understanding.

Women in Safe Homes Fund

The Women in Safe Homes Fund, believed to be the world’s first gender-lens property fund, has been created by Patron Capital with Resonance as a solution to the lack of affordable, safe, and secure homes for women who are experiencing homelessness, are, survivors of domestic abuse, or other complex needs. With Patron’s initial anchor support of £1m, £28m of capital has been raised, and fundraising is ongoing. Agreements are in place and/or talks are progressing with a series of women’s aid charity partners and a pipeline of property has been established.

RMA - Royal Marines Charity

RMA - The Royal Marines Charity is almost completely reliant on public goodwill and donation and receive no government funding. Patron raises money through multiple activities throughout the year, notably by being the principal sponsor of the Guildhall Dinner which raises close to £1m each year. 

The Patron Charitable Initiatives have helped

  • 460+ serving and retired service personnel directly and have raised £4m+ for RMA – The Royal Marines Charity
  • 6,500+ UK state school teachers impacting 750,000+ school children
  • 4,000+ children in Nepal with new schools built in 35+ villages and a new teacher training facility established

Principal Themes:

  • Armed Forces; demonstrate our appreciation for those who help preserve our freedom and our lives. Our initiatives have successfully used the skills, expertise, and contacts of the business community to support those who need help.
  • Schools; create initiatives that will have a multiplier effect and directly reach the areas of society where support is needed most, break down barriers and promote real understanding.
  • Foundations; investing in key infrastructure to provide needed support


Some of our Charity Partner Organisations:


The Israel Summit 2021

Patron proud to be a sponsor of the Israel summit!

The Greatness Lectures

Celebrating the greatness of the human spirit in its ability to achieve great feats and overcome adversity...

Since the start of 2017, we have curated a series of early evening talks by individuals who are the embodiment of this spirit.  These events are not part of a fundraising exercise; they are intended to motivate, educate, inspire, and enrich the Patron team, our friends, and partners.

We have:

Considered global events and big Ideas..

Explored social impacting investing and the problems which are being solved..

Heard from the most inspirational individuals, completing adventure challenge following life changing illness & disability..   

Retold stories, keeping important historic events alive..

People, who are working really hard to make a difference to others shared their individual stories..

Heard about great achievement

Understood the challenges providing great education..